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Non-alcoholic research

Alcoholism (and drug addiction) is one of the motifs of Dipso, but there is a level of sobriety that I need to maintain when writing this book.  This is outside the fact that being sober is also an important aspect of raising kids and being a productive member of a family.

I’m starting to get into my full binge of research to finish the rest of Dipso.  I won’t be posting chapters like I did for the Nanowrimo contest last November, but I will be actively keeping updates on my status, some of my methods, philosophical/ethical drives, and other such stuff.  I’m giving myself a deadline of December 1st to finish the final rough draft in hopes that I can have a decent amount of prints for a book release on Dec 21st.  This is also the release of two fellow author/friends’ books through the new independent publishing house, Three Faced Media.

Today I researched more on Norse mythology, the inspiration of Baldur’s via his dad’s worldview, namely on the giants, the jotnar.  In turn, this mythology/worldview is a common ground that Baldur, through his adventure, uses to match concepts to his life’s chaos aboard ship.  This chaos will be the forces that drive the story to the climax.


  • The spherical camera which Baldur names Surtr, after the main giants that brings about Ragnorok,  this camera is used for the reality show that he had agreed to be apart of in contract for funding his research and will be technologically fictitous.  This camera named Surtr will have a very symbolic imprint on the conclusion of the book
  • Alcohol(Baldur) and Methamphetamines(Fetu-see character post) and eventually, in India, the fervent pursuit of Soma (mythical Hindu drug of gods/poets) by both protagonists, these addictions/pursuits will drive much of the failures of the expedition but on the other hand bring much entertainment value and ridicule to Baldur’s character in general
  • Prostitutes, there are many levels to this. To name a few:
  1. Fetu’s flaw is that he loves all women aside from his meth addiction
  2. Baldur cares little for any intimacy for the women they bring aboard but thinks that he is saving them from their fates as victims of sex-trafficking, of which he in some cases is
  3. The fact that they keep loading their ship up with hookers makes their reality TV show (more on that later) a top rating show
  4. It is a major discredit to James Villard’s televangical empire because the show is aired on one of the media outlets that his corporate conglomerate owns, and it is also found out that James himself has been funding the expedition
  • Money, the blank check from Baldur’s newly acquired cancer-having false-father James Villard will get our protagonists out of many illegal and messy situations, a sub-moral of the story-money can buy most anyone
  • Languages, this force keeps the boat at somewhat of an even keel, both figuratively and literally, Baldur doesn’t sway from his obsession to unlock the proto-human language aka God’s Tongue (in Villard’s perception), but there is a shift in Baldur’s judgment on this, he goes from a basic empirical scientific-method approach of collecting data into a delusional and egotistical pursuit of an actual unlocking of all-possible-languages inside his own head

Honestly, I believe I have much more plotting, planning, map-making, and research to do before I start unleashing the last half of the novel.

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