Charted Course

I’m fairly certain that my creativity will start drying up at about the second week if I were to race to the climax.  So I definitely have to pace myself.  Here’s a layout.

Charted Course (very flexible and rough):

  • First Day Intro – will consist of Baldur’s childhood, bird’s eye view of who he is and how he got that way
  • First Week – I’ll deal mainly with some back stories of all the characters though some will be interjected later to break the monotony of the journey
  • Second Week – I want to have the journey started and moving with Fetu and Baldur in either Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Samoa, or Papua New Guinea
  • Third Week – I want Fetu and Baldur searching and finding Sarbagya in Kathmandu
  • Fourth Week – Climax and tying up loose ends

Tricks to keep the flow:

  • Fact Check Later – Cannot be concerned with factual inconsistency – linguistic, historical, scientific, et cetera
  • Don’t know it?  Make it up
  • Don’t read, talk about, or watch anything that does not have anything to do with the story unless it is a must
  • Write at any free moment
  • Have life support – friends to talk to that will keep you going till the finish
  • Be crazy – yeah, no one wants to hear about your shitty novel but screw ‘em, you have to listen to all their sports jabber with feigned interest, they can return the favor
  • Write in one line summaries of things that can be written later and keep that next to the monitor in case there is any moment of writer’s paralysis

The one thing I can say about this writing adventure, I’m attempting to accomplish what took me years to do with my first (solo) novel.   



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