The Journey

The timeline I am working with is rather simple, but I still needed some basic organization.  Since the majority of the active plot in this story will be on a boat from port to port, I took a world map and plotted course of a two person circumnavigation (inspired by an actual circumnavigation) and modified it according to different languages and sailing efficiency.

I have sailing experience but not enough.  My research on this has to be extensive.  Lucky for me, I have close people with tons more experience.  I must be able to convey what it is to sail across the Pacific without actually doing this.  Sure, I can throw some technical jargon in and make it sound convincing, but this will harm me in two ways, sailors won’t believe me and non-sailors will get bored.  So I must take the intimate experiences of mine and others to project a smooth depiction of a sailing journey.

Some things to consider for the journey:

  • Supplies—food, water, booze, drugs, clothing
  • Equipment, primitive and modern
  • Weather
  • Port regulations
  • Situations that can be magnified so a trans-Pacific trip isn’t just one paragraph
  • Baldur’s condition should deteriorate early on to provoke his language madness and megalomania
  • One or two love interests for Baldur which will haunt his emotions about Jennifer

To break the linear timeline and path of the journey, I want to lay out points in the story where I will inject backstory, just to break the monotony.  I don’t want a book that is backstory in the first half, plot in the second.

Tomorrow, I want to tackle some of the philosophical and moral principles that I’ll convey.


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