Last Character Concepts: The Lover and The Sage

I have two more characters that I need to go into detail about, Sarbagya and Jennifer.

Jennifer is the main love interest of Baldur.  Although her part in the story isn’t going to be that great, she will have a profound effect on Baldur’s emotional growth.  She’s an ideal woman for Baldur (or anyone for that matter).  The problem is that she is too good in Baldur’s eyes.  He feels that his life has been too good already and doesn’t deserve such a perfect woman.  Baldur seems to be developing the Martyr complex that I wanted him to have.

I had to struggle with the significant other element of this story which is quite the opposite of what I dealt with in Flush.  The reason I even bother creating it is simple though.  I believe that a writer needs to have an emotional connection to write literary fiction.  Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be love for a person only, emotions span most anything.  Emotional lacking is also a thing, two of my biggest writing influences, Vonnegut and Palahniuk, use this successfully.  Not my thing though, I like dealing with emotions in all forms.

Jennifer: The Love Interest

  • Two character flaws(if I can say that) is that she is too nice and sexually restrained which Baldur doesn’t consciously dislike, but this over-niceness makes him doubt her emotions for him, and he wishes she would at least argue with him about something
  • Cherokee Language revivalist—met Baldur at a Moribund Language Convention
  • Contrary to what Baldur doubted, she is devastated when he departs on his quest, this changes her significantly
  • Helps other Native American languages nearing extinction to survive and grow, even plans to resurrect a one someday
  • She is what occupies Baldur’s mind when he is on his death bed
  • Baldur wants her to have more flaws, this is unrealistic of course, she doesn’t have negative traits because she is enraptured by her love for him (which he can’t see)
In a psychological sense, Baldur wants Jennifer to be more like his mother even though he doesn’t consciously ever think this.  Baldur has many moral ideals, Jennifer is living proof of these ideals.  This makes for a psychological conundrum which will drive the negative aspects of Baldur’s megalomania and martyr complex.

Sarbagya (Sarba for short):  Sagacious Helper

This is a character that I’m adding to aid Baldur on his quest to fill the role of the Sage who helps the Hero.  I cannot avoid these kind of epic elements, Joseph Campbell’s works are a huge inspiration.

I’ll add Sarga for a few reasons:

  • He is a good character to expose some of the deep dark secrets of Odin’s soldiery
  • Knows a few languages that Baldur needs to break a part of the Proto-Language code(more about this later)
  • A Gurkha that served with Odin in the same mercenary corporation
  • He calls himself a recovering murderer, devotes himself to Hinduism
  • Sings out of the Vedas frequently, tells Baldur of the Language of God in India that no human can understand
  • On a personal quest for Soma, a drink of the gods
  • Does calligraphy and traditional Nepalese tattooing
  • Happy-go-lucky
  • As fun as the old sage warrior is, he’s still deadly and has no hesitation in defending Baldur and Fetu till the death

That’s all I could squeeze in.  For the next few days I will be working on wordlists, philosophical threads, the adventure map, and several other conceptual aids that I’ll need to create a smooth month writing.


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