Conception of Characters 3: Brother and 2nd Father

Today I did the initial research for the last two main characters, Fetu and James Villard.  I have much more research to do so my back stories are believable.

Fetu is Baldur’s adopted brother.  This character started from one concept.  I wanted a character that would criticize the insecure male’s overzealous of display of strength before an altercation.  So Fetu will carry around consent and release forms prior to getting in any physical conflict at least in the US or Europe (this will not apply in many third world countries and he knows that).  Not only would this show a person’s resolve in partaking in a physical altercation, but release the combatant from responsibility of damage.  There is more to this but I won’t get into it now.

And I wanted another type of addict, so I thought a meth addict might be of assistance to Baldur on his journey.  So Fetu is a meth addict.

A few weeks ago I decided to make him Samoan and to make him adopted.  The Samoan culture has an emphasis on masculine strength and they are also great sailors.  I didn’t come up with a name until last week.  I chose Fetu because it means ‘star’ which is also the Samoan god of night.  This is perfect for a sailor meth addict who has no problems sailing all night long.

Fetu: Baldur’s adopted brother.  Some details.

  • Older than Balder by a few years
  • Adopted when he was around ten or twelve
  • Emotionally reserved because of his parents’ deaths
  • Knows many of the Samoan skills (from both his time on the islands or from Odin), tree climbing, the fire knife dance, basketweaving, coconut shell carving, traditional tattooing (from Odin in his late teens), boatmaking and sailing
  • Very protective of Baldur especially after Baldur denounces violence shortly before their trip around the world
  • Left at age eighteen to go into the Marine Corps, this has a profound negative effect on Baldur which leads him to be anti-national and anti-warfare
  • Besides being a meth addict, Fetu is very healthy.  Because of his mother’s and grandmother’s death from diabetes, he refuses to eat processed foods.  He blames their modern western diet on their diabetes.
  • Obsessed with all forms of stimulants but meth is his favorite

I’m having some issues with the James Villard character.  I have put him into different classifications that I might have a hard time justifying.  But here’s what I got so far.

James Villard:   Baldur’s supposed biological father

  • Billionaire Televangelist who was originally from the Boston Brahmin elite, his family doesn’t care much for him because of the negative attention he gets from his antics
  • Charismatic but compulsively lies, and is megalomaniacal
  • Nothing really good about the character in the beginning, but will go through a profound redemption after the climax
  • From the first generation of the Boston Brahmin that doesn’t keep their dying dialect, Baldur will notice this and maybe say this “You’ve lost your way it seems.”

James Villard can be considered a minor character, but since he drives so much of the little plot I got and also many moral undertows, I have to have extensive depth to him.

I have a few minor characters that I have to work on tomorrow.  I can’t possibly work on all of them because the act of writing a story lends itself to minor character creation.

The minor characters tomorrow:  Jennifer (number one girl’s name in the 70’s)—Baldur’s true love interest, a few of his whimsical lovers he finds around the world, Sarbagya—the aged Gurkha warrior, fellow comrade of Odin who assists Baldur and Fetu along their journey.


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