Conception of Characters: Mother and Father

I have three parent characters and one brother I have to develop.  I’m going to focus on the real parents today.

Baldur was raised by his mother, Nastasia, and his father, Odin.  Early on in the story, Odin will die of heart failure.  His death will trigger events to bring James Villard into the story.  He will be the possible biological father of Baldur.  Baldur never knew about this until Odin dies, and James Villard never made an effort to find out until Odin died.  I don’t think I’ll let the reader know, I may not have a paternity test happen.   I’m toying with the idea of uncertainty as some moral backdrop for James Villard.  With him entering, several things will be set into motion, for example, Baldur’s and Nastasia’s emotional psychological issues, the plot itself, and a moral/philosophical underbelly.

His brother, Fetu, is not biologically related.  Fetu was adopted by Odin and Nas when his grandmother went into a diabetic coma and died.  Fetu is from Samoa and his father, Afi, was a fellow mercenary who died along side Odin when fighting in an African conflict.  Odin promised Afi that he would take care of his son if his grandmother died. More on Fetu tomorrow.

I’ll start with Odin.  He will have prominence in the story though he dies early on.  Baldur will constantly be reflecting on his father’s teachings.

We all know Odin is from Norse mythology, and it seems corny at first glance to name Baldur’s father Odin—too close to the myth.  But I can simply justify it with the Odin character being from Sweden and being a Norse religion revivalist.  This understanding of his heritage will lead him to name his son Baldur.

Odin Ankarsvard:  Some details from my sheet and my head.

  • Has one eye and a beard like Myth Odin, but mine lost his from shrapnel during combat, and not as a quid pro quo for the Wisdom of the Ages from Mimir’s Well
  • Altruistic but very firm like the Odin of Myth
  • Beekeeper and a mead maker
  • Lover of animals, falconer, horsewhisperer
  • Influence for Baldur’s alcoholism.  The honey he harvested went to making mead which he drank a lot of and contributed to his heart failure
  • “It’s not magic, it’s willpower.”  A quote to his sons
  • The small fortune he got from mercenary service went to buying his family a private island in Lake Superior where Baldur spends most of his childhood
  • Sailor and mercenary soldier (Ankarsvard comes from anchor-sword in Old Norse), blacksmith, fisherman, hunter, man’s man
  • Emotionally detached unless he’s really drunk, what he saw in Africa destroyed his faith in humanity, this is also why he names his son Baldur.  Myth Baldur’s death is the spark that starts the War of the Gods, Ragnarok which starts the world anew.  My Odin wants the world to start anew

I’ll stop there and start on Nastasia.

Nastasia is from Poland.    She was born under a bad sign.  Her mother was raped by an SS soldier during WWII and stayed in a Lebensborn facility where she gave birth to and partially raised Nastasia.  Sick of the conditions of Post-war Poland, they fled to America.  As a teenager Nas’ mother dies, and she becomes a prostitute but still manages to go to school and put herself through college.  She gets sick of New York and moves back to Europe (not sure exactly where, Prague maybe, need to do research).   In Europe, she meets James Villard in Paris and has a two week affair until he finds out that she used to be a prostitute.  He goes back to America.  During this same time, Odin is on leave from mercenary business and meets a drunk and somber Nastasia in a bar.  They fall in love.  Baldur is conceived.

Nastasia Adamczyk:

  • Strong and independent, but can be loud and domineering
  • Deep mistrust in men which is countered by Odin’s sincerity
  • Nurtures Baldur so that he is kind and in touch with his emotions, but sometimes over-nurtures him, he was her only comfort until when Odin was away on missions
  • Has a over-protectiveness like Frigga, Baldur’s mother in myth, which causes her to be proactive in making sure that Baldur never gets hurt, this develops psychological issues for Baldur
  • Kept her Catholic faith through the worst of times, but does not believe in the church itself

I didn’t originally intend for Nas to have such a dark background but I just went with the flow in my head.  All I knew was that Baldur’s parents had to have issues because the family fights are going to be bilingual.  For example, Nas yells at Odin in Polish, and he in Swedish, all the while living in America and speaking English.  I probably won’t say exactly why Baldur has language issues, but they will be there.  This is an important aspect of his character which he truly gets from his mother, and that is perseverance to the extreme.

Tomorrow I will work on Fetu and James Villard.


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